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Is adoption right for me?
Adoption is a very loving and unselfish decision. Many women, of all ages, have unplanned pregnancies and do not feel it is the right time to parent a child. There are many couples who cannot conceive a child, and who have a loving and secure home ready for a child. You will be fullfilling the dream of these couples to be parents and creating a family. If this is not the right time to parent a child, adoption may be your answer. We will work with you and help you select a stable, secure and loving home for your child. After birth while in the hospital, you will have the opportunity to see your child, name your child and spend time with your child. If you so choose, you can get pictures and updates on your child’s progress and you can be proud of your adoption decision.
Do I have to pay legal fees or expenses?
No. All fees and expenses, including medical expenses, are paid by the prospective adoptive parents. The birth mother is not required to pay anything.
What involvement will I have in the adoption process?
You have the opportunity to participate in all phases of adoption planning. You have the opportunity to receive counseling at no cost to you. You are entitled to financial assistance based on your circumstances (within the limits of Florida Law) with adoption and pregnancy related expenses; such as medical care, maternity clothes, housing, food, transportation and counseling services. You have the right to have an independent lawyer represent your interests, if you desire and at no cost to you. You may meet and interview as many prospective families as you choose, in order to make the best decision for you and your baby. When meeting with prospective families, you may ask questions and to receive information before deciding to place your child with them. You have the opportunity to receive ongoing counseling and continuous support throughout the adoption process and following the birth of your baby. You will be treated with dignity and respect for your selfless and loving decision.
How much financial assistance may I receive?
Florida Law permits you to receive financial assistance based upon your needs for your actual living and medical expenses during the term of the pregnancy and for a period after your child is born, not to exceed six weeks. This includes prenatal, OB and hospital care, prescription medications, counseling, living expenses (rent, food, phone, utilities, toiletries), insurance, clothing and transportation.
Can I make an adoption plan if I am under the age of eighteen?
If you are under the age of eighteen you have the power to consent to the adoption of your child without your parent’s consent. It is not necessary for us to contact your parents or other family members in order for you to consent to an adoption plan. However, if you are 14 years or younger, your consent or affidavit of non-paternity must be witnessed by your parent, legal guardian, or court-appointed guardian-ad-litem.
Can I choose the adoptive parents?
Yes. You may speak with the adoptive family by telephone or meet them in person and ask questions, so you feel assured that you have chosen the right family for your child. You have the opportunity to communicate with the adoptive parents throughout the pregnancy, through either personal meetings or by letter and telephone.