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What is the purpose of an egg, embryo, & sperm donation agreement?
An egg, embryo, & sperm donation agreement is a legal document that reflects the intentions of the egg donor and recipient(s) and describes the respective responsibilities to each other. It will clearly state that the egg donor does not have any parental rights, responsibilities or obligations to any child resulting from the egg, embryo, & sperm donation. The donor also relinquishes all physical and legal custody to the donated eggs from the moment of retrieval.
Does Florida have a statute dealing with egg, embryo, & sperm donation?
Yes. Florida Statute Section 742.14 states that the donor of any egg, sperm or pre-embryo shall relinquish all maternal or paternal rights or obligations with respect to the donation or the resulting children. Please be advised that each state’s laws are different with respect to egg, embryo, & sperm donation.
Does the egg donor need her own attorney?
Though it is not mandated that the egg donor be represented by an attorney, it is highly advisable and recommended to have an attorney knowledgeable about the laws regarding egg donation explain the contract to the egg donor.