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What is the purpose of a Surrogacy Contract?
Under Florida Law, prior to engaging in a gestational surrogacy, a binding and enforceable gestational surrogacy contract must be entered into between the intended parents and the gestational surrogate. The Surrogacy Contract allows each party to state their intentions and their responsibilities to one another. The contract will state that the surrogate agrees to relinquish any parental rights upon the child’s birth and that the surrogate does not intend on parenting any resulting child nor does she wish to have legal or physical custody of any resulting child.
Does Florida have a statute dealing with surrogacy?
Yes. Florida is one of the few states in the country that has a statute dealing with gestational surrogacy. Under Florida Law there are certain provisions that must be included in a gestational Surrogacy Contract and our office takes the necessary steps to comply with Florida Law.
Does a surrogate need her own attorney?
Though it is not mandated that a surrogate be represented by an attorney, it is highly advisable and recommended to have an attorney knowledgeable about the laws regarding surrogacy explain the contract to the surrogate.